The RXK Trading Platform

Take your trading to new levels with our best-in-class trading platform.

RXK Trading Platform
Built for Beginners

Check out some of the outstanding features we added to the RXK Trading Platform. We’ve ensured that our trading platform is perfectly suited to beginners, but can easily accommodate intermediate and advanced traders too.

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Trade Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Shares and more all with a single, easy to use wallet.
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Over 1,000 tradable instruments, giving you access to the world’s financial markets.
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Trade anywhere with our app, or you can use the RXK Trading Platform via your browser.
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The RXK Trading Platform guarantees some of the fastest execution in the industry.
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Customising the platform so that it suits you is easy & can be done in a few clicks.
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We provide multiple chart options on the RXK Trading Platform, which helps you trade.
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Placed a trade & want to be alerted? Set up an alert easily with our trading platform.
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We’ve added every risk management tool to the RXK platform, giving you peace of mind.
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The dashboard on the platform allows you to manage every aspect really easily.